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Located on a sleepy stretch of Milwaukee Ave, Moonlight Vulture opened its doors in late 2016, with the intention of serving simple, healthy sandwiches with strong coffee in a diner atmosphere.


We are located at 2889 Milwaukee (Milwaukee and Allen) between Diversey and Central Park!

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When we first thought about opening Moonlight Vulture we were considering making it a waffle shop. We had developed many versions of non-standard waffles. After a pause it was decided that sandwiches offered much more variety. Internationally every country has its own culinary take on sandwiches. From panini to felafel so much variety exists that the focus ultimately became sandwiches.

Sometimes people ask us about the name. We explain that our vulture, our moonlight vulture, is vegetarian. This bird eats well and drinks lots of coffee. This 'vegetarian' vulture doesn't have to scavenge for food, and neither should you!


The Kitchen



(The Vegan)

Adam just keeps going. He opened Brewed Awakenings in 1993, fresh out of film school. (Milwaukee, WI). In Chicago for almost 20 years he opened Atomix (2000) and Life on Mars (2011). He loves making up new sandwiches and will gladly invent something new if you ask nicely. He is a long time vegan, listens to Bowie mostly, loves cats and most dogs.


(The East Coaster)

Alan grew up in a food culture with a mother who was a culinary arts teacher; he began working in food at age 16. Hailing from Eastern Pennsylvania, he decided to move to Chicago at age 20. A love and passion for food and coffee began early and continues today. Alan's other passions include traveling, nature, music and literature.