We opened a sandwich shop that is healthy and friendly and has great coffee.

Please come eat, say hi. Come every night.




Who Are We?


ADAM PAUL is a long-time vegan/coffee lover who thinks that sandwiches provide an endless edible palette, but does not condone eating paint in large quantities. He is easily distracted by cat pictures, the music of the Kinks and any mention of David Bowie. Adam opened Brewed Awakenings in Milwaukee (1993), Atomix coffeeshop (2000) and Life On Mars (2011) and is very excited to operate MV with co-owner Alan Leeking.


ALAN LEEKING hails from the Eastern United States and brings his love for seafood to this diner table. Alan has an extensive history in food service from cafes to restaurants both in Chicago and his native Pennsylvania. He also loves The Boss.